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Had a discussion with a hardcore socialist this weekend.

Apparently I’m a “capitalist pig” who “makes (him) sick”.

A man/woman has the right to what they work for. Not what should be deemed their salary.
A jon offer is just that: an OFFER. If you feel the pay is too low, decilne the offer. If you feel the pay is too low AFTER taking a job, join/organize a union. But for god/ odin/ pazuzu/ misc diety’s sake, do not be greedy. Unions are what has caused the US auto industry to become the shithole that it is today. Unions, after reaching their goal, become parasitic.

And his only response was “look at Scandinavia.”

Despite the fact that the Scandinavian countries are not socialist. Their pay is not regulated by the government in a socialistic manner, they simply have heavier taxes than about anywhere in the world. Working with a small rich population, this works. Working with a large varied-income population, this falls on it’s face.

Laissez-Faire FTW

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